To wonder about your dreams is healthy, to learn their language is transformative.

Ilana Laps // Psychotherapist and Founder of Dream Lab

What is Dream Lab?

Dream Lab is an educational organisation dedicated to the study of dreams. All great traditions have recognized dreams as a profound tool of insight. In modern times, we have forgotten how to understand their language. Dream Lab is bringing this knowledge back.

Understanding Your Dreams

Dream Lab offers dream workshops, dream groups, and public talks, for exploring the forgotten language of dreams. We combine Jungian dream theory with dream science and research from around the world, and collaborate with musicians and artists to bring dreaming to life. We’re also unforgettable at your functions, and pack a punch as gift certificates.

Professional Dreamwork Training

Dreams are among the most therapeutically useful, and least understood resources in the mental health field. Why should therapists pay attention to their clients’ dreams? Because dreams share your therapeutic goals, and have access to the memories and emotional connections that are the foundation of therapeutic progress.