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Dream Circles Bring Collective Wisdom to the Individual

7680663The Dream Circle represents the collective unconscious. When we join in a Dream Circle and adopt a participant’s dream as our own, we are entering a collective space in the psyche where the differences between us are blurred, and yet our diversity remains useful, essential.

When your dream is shared in a Dream Circle, the collective wisdom, experiences and insight of the group becomes available to you. When you are working on someone else’s dream, your own personal and spiritual experiences inform the collective energy of the group, and offer a precious gift to the dreamer – who becomes nothing less than your own mirror.

Forthcoming Dream Circles

Ilana will be focusing her vision on dream workshops, professional training and outreach in 2015.

Dream Groups are currently being run by the remarkable, deeply knowledgeable, and widely loved Chris Caldwell in the Dandenong Ranges and Fitzroy. You can contact Chris at chriscaldwell@bigpond.com.


There are no events at this time.
``I'm still on a buzz from last night's dream circle - I'm finding these workshops to always be insightful and powerful experiences - a great way to drop conceptual thinking and open up emotional experience.``
April, 2012
``Thank you for providing the opportunity for me to share... and to participate in the dream circles, as it feels as though through them I can reconnect with a creative feeling part of myself. And to see other people gain so much insight into themselves through the creativity and freedom of dreaming.``
Troy, 2012

A selection of past events

____2091024Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Dream? (July, 2012)
Have you had a big dream, one that has stayed with you for years, one that shocks you with its themes and cinematic settings? These dreams feel big, important, fateful, and yet, they are the hardest to understand. When big dreams come, we must learn to simply be with them, to hold them within ourselves and let them unfold by their own design. On Thursday, we’ll let our big dreams speak through us. You’ll be invited to share your dream with the group, and we’ll practice exploring the dreams without interpreting their content.

What Are the Health Benefits of Dream Work? (May, 2012)
Have you experienced health warnings or tsuggestions through your dreams? What are the potential health benefits of re-introducing dreaming into our culture? I will be running a series of talks around town on this subject, and will present some research for our discussion.

What Can Dreams Tell Us About Who We Are Becoming? (April, 2012)
In the past weeks I’ve been doing a Tibetan Dream Yoga course, and prior to that received the Munay Ki initiation of the Laika people, the Inka shamans of Peru. It seems the teachings on dreaming of all indigenous peoples, and in particular the Dreaming of Australia, has something in common: the idea that we are all dreaming our personal and collective futures into existence, and that we must learn to do this consciously. The theme for this month’s Dream Circle will therefore be: What Can Dreams Tell Us About Who We Are Becoming?

What Do Dreams Suggest About Our View of Reality? (October, 2011)

“Can one raise the objection… that I may now be dreaming, or that everything which I am now thinking has as little truth as what comes to the mind of one who is asleep?” ~ René Descartes
To kick off our discussion, please find a moment to reflect on these “Meditations” by René Descartes, the man who brought us: “I think, therefore I am.” His exploration of the significance of dreaming has come to be known as “The Dream Argument.” In Wikipedia’s words: “The dream argument is the postulation that the act of dreaming provides preliminary evidence that the senses we trust to distinguish reality from illusion should not be fully trusted, and therefore any state that is dependent on our senses should at the very least be carefully examined and rigorously tested to determine whether it is in fact “reality”…

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