In the Media

Dreams – A Window to the Mind (30mins)


The first of a two-part radio series on dreaming, featuring Ilana Laps, on ABC’s All In the Mind.

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Dreams & Transformation: A Podcast Interview with Paul Glezer (50mins)

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The Language of Dreams and the Unconscious (60mins)

Ilana is interviewed by two psychologists on the language of dreams.

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Learning from Unexpected Guests

An article written for the International Association for the Study of Dreams, after a personal dream about Hitler leads to an international partnership between dream educators.

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Featured in Film 

I’m occasionally contacted by film students who are exploring dreams and would like to interview me for their films. The two below gave me short clips from our interviews as a gesture of thanks. These are to their editorial taste and style, and are not produced or edited by Dream Lab. They are film students inspired by dreams and I support them in spreading the word.


In Dreams – By Jonathan Cowan (2014)


Night-I – By Bachelor Productions (2013)