Professional Dreamwork Training

for Psychologists, Counsellors & Health Workers

Next Professional Training: Sep 26 & 27, 2015


Dream Lab Professional Training

This professional training is an experiential series, grounded in theory, where you’ll learn how to approach your clients’ dreams with skill and sensitivity. Professionals will learn valuable techniques for gaining therapeutic insight from their clients’ dreams. You’ll be supervised working on real dreams, and receive feedback on your personal style and accuracy.


Your Clients’ Dreams Are Invaluable to Therapy

During the course of therapy, your clients have revealing and informative dreams that can be groundbreaking for your work together.

Dreams are among the most therapeutically useful, and least understood resource in the mental health field. They deliver time sensitive observations from the edges of conscious awareness, and make visible those elusive, buried connections between present and past events.

Typically, a client wants to discuss one aspect of their lives, while their dreams desperately point to another. Consistently, dreams highlight our incongruity, our blind spots and our denials; they point to blockages to therapy.


Why Should Therapists Pay Attention to Their Client’s dreams?

Because dreams share your therapeutic goals, and have access to the memories and emotional connections that are the foundation of therapeutic progress.



“The [Professional] Dream Training Day was amazing… The best part of the day was the way you facilitated each participant to be able to help others during the workshop and then integrating it into our own practice. Thank you Ilana for the very important dream work that you are doing in helping professionals help their clients.”

“As a therapist and on a personal level my recent 2 day participation into understanding dreams has opened up a wonderful world for self discovery and a new direction for working with my own clients… Dreams were opened up revealing such powerful and at times subtle meanings. I was left with a profound wish and commitment to explore this area of my life… ~ Tony


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Professional Development

Professional Dreamwork Training – September 26 & 27, 2015

Day 1: Introduction to Professional Dreamwork, 9.30 a.m. – 5.30 p.m.
Dream Theory: Jung & Beyond
The Science of Dreaming: Why Do We Dream?
Learn the Language of Dreams
Explore Dreamwork Techniques
Everything We Learn, We Put Into Practice

Day 2: Developing Your Technique, 9.30 a.m. – 5.30 p.m.
Today focuses entirely on your dream work technique and deepening your instinct for the language of dreams. Gain confidence working with dreams, and receive valuable feedback.
Prerequisite: Day 1

Limited to 14 Participants.

Practice Days
As practice and honest feedback sharpen dream work, an additional 4-hour practice session forms part of this training, with the option to meet on an ongoing basis. Practice dates and times will be confirmed with the group.

Full Weekend: $350
Early Bird before Aug 30: $300
Day One Only: $180
4hr Practice Day with Supervision:$50

(1 scholarship offered in special circumstances – Be in touch.)

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Other Professional Workshops

The Role of Dreams in Grief & Bereavement ~ October 24, 2015

Working compassionately with grief and loss means getting into the deep water with your clients. But not all grief is expressed with emotion. Some of our losses are hidden, our grief stuck, our very right to grieve disenfranchised.

How do we help clients who have become numb, angry or ill, rather than emotional? Whose grief is complicated? Or those who don’t realise that they are grieving?

More than in any other transition, I rely on dreams when working with grief. Your bereaved clients face overwhelmingly complex emotions, and dreams reveal where they are stuck in their grieving process. Often, something is communicated that helps us to open our hearts, and keep going.

Professionals will learn how to identify grief in dreams, discern their clients’ unspeakable emotions, and find clues to unfinished business, all within the dream.

Dreams play a vital role in the resolution of grief, and are therapeutic gold when approached with care.

Location: Elwood, Melbourne, VIC
Time: 9.30 a.m. – 5.30 p.m.
Cost: $150/$120 Early bird (Before Sep 30)

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