Emotional Pain is the Root Cause of Addiction

April 12, 2015

In a few years of working occasionally with addicted clients, some in denial about their addiction, I have never had success in tackling the addiction head-on.

Compassionately following their pain, however, and supporting a person to be with their pain, has been excruciating enough to be powerful. Over time, often slowly, the need for numbing decreases as feeling the pain becomes more bearable. Where there isn’t a willingness or capacity to be with the pain, the addiction remains a refuge.

When approaching deep pain, compassion is the only way in. In my own healing, the moments I remember most clearly are those where I’ve experienced genuine compassion from another – tiny islands of safety can stop us from drowning.

I like the voice of Dr. Gabor Mate in this video. I can hear and feel his compassion, and it refuels mine.

Watch Dr. Mate’s beautiful 3-minute video by following this link:  Emotional Loss & Trauma are the Root Cause of Addiction


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