“Last night I dreamed of a hamburger, but it was eating me”

September 30, 2012

“Last night I dreamed of a hamburger, but it was eating me…” 

“… It is an irony that so many people think that dreams are irrational and nonsense and yet accept as logical and sensible many of the crazy rules and behaviours that maintain our ailing world. But increasingly people have lost faith in the monster we have created… the fast food, fast fix, dollar-hungry world so wonderfully symbolised by the hamburger in the dream.”

“Real food means a balanced diet. We know that extremes are unhealthy. A hamburger is okay so long as it is not all you eat. Sex is joy until control abuses it or fear perverts it. Science is saviour to all, until Hiroshima. Enterprise can bring variety and prosperity, but can also poison the planet. Spirituality heals when it is freely given, but is cruel when it becomes a weapon of judgement and repression. The Internet can bring the world together but can also become a separate world for one. Everything we create has the power to enliven or destroy, and it is just as dangerous to be swallowed by the inner world as the outer.”

~ From Women’s Big Dreams by Jennie Hatherley
(Contributed  by Johnny Heng.)


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