Only You Can Interpret Your Dreams

April 11, 2011

The first sentence my workshop participants hear usually comes as a surprise: no one can interpret your dreams for you.

People may offer valuable insights, they may guide you, they may even be right about certain symbols. However, you alone created your dream,
and only you can know the deeply personal truth about what it means.

Every image in your dream is a perfect metaphor for an aspectof yourself, or an emotionally charged situation in your life. While some images may point to something similar in every person ~ water, for example, often signifies unconscious emotions ~ the most powerful insights come from understanding where in your life these emotions are being triggered, what behaviors they’re causing, and what needs to be healed. Your dreams contain all this information, and only you can feel that “yes” sensation in your body the moment the right connection is made.

Because dreams point to our blind spots, they are easier to work on with trusted friends or analysts. However, in dream work, you must learn to trust yourself first. Always look for that “yes” in your body – that’s what authentic truth feels like.



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